Charting the Path to Success

About Us

We help companies realize their growth potential

Winchester Securities is a Vancouver, British Columbia based private equity firm focused on assisting small-to medium-sized public and private companies broaden their market presence and realize potential growth opportunities. With many years of experience in various market sectors, and geographic locations, our team has developed a proven due diligence process that allows us to identify great companies with undervalued assets, and offer businesses exposure to an expansive pool of potential investors.

How we are different

Our Approach

By employing our extensive capital markets experience and operating resources, Winchester Securities empowers management teams to lead effectively and optimize their performance.

In addition to unlocking management and market potential Winchester, through it various partners, also provides corporate secretarial services, accounting & bookkeeping services, corporate compliance and regulatory filing services.

Our commitment is to work with our clients to chart a path to success and unlocking shareholder value.

Let us work with you today, to realize a better tomorrow.

Transaction types

Divestitures of Non-Core Operations

  • Supplementing a business with a direct cash infusion through the sell off or divestment of a non-essential business asset. 
  • Creates a leaner more cash rich position for company to pivot to future expansionary prospectus.

Venture Funding

Provide funding to small and medium capitalized companies looking for critical capital to achieve their potential. We also lend our expertise to guide them on the most effective path for suistaned success.


Altering company’s capital composition to redirect structure towards a more stable and optimal position for shareholders both in the short and long term.